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Kevin Bowyer "Kevin Bowyer, like the landscape gardener, Capablility Brown, has an analytical mind which can assess a score's potential. He also has a warm heart, which seeks every opportunity of humanising music which might seem unduly cerebral."
Classic CD

"Rarely does one find such a perfect match of player, music and instrument as this turns out to be. Alain's post-Romantic expressionism seems to find a ready soul-mate in Kevin Bowyer."
Organists' Review

"I am astonished by your brilliant performances."
Fernando Germani

"Bowyer is at complete ease with the complexities of the music, and the resulting performances can only be described as perfect."
The Organ.

"...a superb player, not only technically brilliant, but profoundly musical..."

" of the most exciting organists now active... one of the few musicians at work today who might be compared to John Ogdon."

“...this extraordinary concert was a spectacular tour de force of virtuoso and characterful organ playing by Kevin Bowyer, whose pyrotechnical feats of digital magic could be observed, but not explained, in detail via the fixed camera in the organ loft that projected the eye-boggling versatility of his wrists, flying fingers, hands, dancing feet and lead weights on to a large screen...”
Glasgow Herald

“ of the world’s hardiest and most formidable virtuosos… probably... Britain’s most formidable organist.”
MusicWeb International


“...amazing intensity of interpretative vision and wonderful use of organ colour...”