Kevin Bowyer: Concerts

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Chapel Organ Recitals, 2014-15

The Widor series

Kevin Bowyer plays the complete surviving organ works of Charles-Marie Widor. Monday lunchtimes, 1-05-1.50pm.

Recital 1: October 27: Symphony No. 1 in C minor

Recital 2: November 10: Symphony No. 2 in D

Recital 3: December 1: Symphony No. 3 in E minor

Recital 4: January 12: Symphony No. 4 in F minor

Recital 5: January 26: Symphony No. 5 in F minor

Recital 6: February 9: Symphony No. 6 in G minor

Recital 7: February 23: Symphony No. 7 in A minor

Recital 8: March 9: Symphony No. 8 in B

Recital 9: April 13: Symphonie Gothique (No. 9)

Recital 10: April 27: Symphonie Romane (No. 10) & Trois Nouvelle Pièces

Recital 11: May 11: Suite Latine


Recitalists from Home and Away

All on Wednesdays at either 1.05-1.50pm or 7.30-8.40pm.

October 29, 7.30: Kevin Bowyer (University of Glasgow) plays a humorous
programme entitled Weddings in the University of Glasgow

November 12, 1.05: Gordon Frier (Glasgow)

January 21, 7.30: Michael Harris (St. Giles’ Cathedral, Edinburgh)

February 4, 1.05: Simon Nieminski (St. Mary’s RC Cathedral, Edinburgh)

February 18, 7.30: John Butt (University of Glasgow)

March 4, 1.05: John Turner (Glasgow)

March 11, 7.30: David Hamilton (Royal Conservatoire of Scotland)

April 1, 1.05: Travis Baker (St. Mary’s Church, Putney, London)

April 22, 7.30: Peter Locke (St. George’s Church, Cullercoats)

May 6, 1.05: John Kitchen (Edinburgh)

May 20, 7.30: Hampus Lindwall (Paris)

June 10, 7.30: Professor Bernhard Marx (Freiburg & St. Blasien)


Glasgow University Contemporary Organ Music Platform (GUCOMP)

All recitals in the 2014/15 series are played by Kevin Bowyer

Recital 1: Friday, December 5, 7.30pm: Toccata in A minor and Trio Sonata in E flat by Harold Truscott Organ Symphony by Reginald Smith Brindle Toccata by Bernard Heyes Prelude and Stravaganza by Graham Garton 1st performance of The Naughty Boy by Paul Fisher & works by Graham Yellof, Elizabeth Winters and Timothy Raymond.

Recital 2: Friday, March 6, 7.30pm: Mnemonic Suite by David Aprahamian Liddle St Paul Shipwreck Symphony by Geoffrey Alvarez Movements by O. David Williams

Recital 3: Friday, May 29, 7.30pm: Works by Maurice Davies (Sonata for Organ), Timothy Raymond, Paul Lombardi (Peace, Be Still), Yer Attention Please by Dennis Bathory-Kitsz and shorter works by Reginald Smith Brindle, including several unpublished pieces.

Recital 4: Friday, June 5, 8pm: Will include works by William Sweeney and the Erik Chisholm’s Hebridean Organ Symphony.